Seven Seals: please explain

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Twenty-four elders of the redeemed
Enthroned around that force unseen
Around the rainbow throne aligned
Singing, “Won’t be water, but fire, next time”
The angel bore the scroll all sealed
The course of all men’s deeds revealed
The title deeds to all that lives and breathes
Proprietor: Lucifer, prince of thieves

Eye for eye and tooth for tooth
One sacrifice for all those that seek the truth
Lucifer, he missed the catch
Spirit life from death can snatch

Sword and famine, pestilence and woe
In the Dark Lord’s wake all grow
The martyr’s tears, atoning, flow
Mountains fall and kings are brought down low
Chosen ones as good as dead
The sun turned black and moon blood red
The stars no more in heaven found
The sky scrolled up, and stars come tumbling down

3.0 Seven Seals That Reveal the History of Earth

3.1 Lamb of God Found Worthy to Break the Seals

3.2 Four Horsemen of Apocalypse or Just Same As Ever?

3.3 Sun Turns Dark? Israel’s Great Tribulation?