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Abraham is a song about three promises God made to Abraham. These promises became an inheritance that passed down through the descendants of Abraham

(1)Land, (2)Offspring, and (3)a blessing to all tribes, tongues and nations they would bring.
If you are not Jewish, then (3 blessing) is the only real interest you have in reading the bible. 
 That’s the key to understanding the book of Revelation and everything else in the bible


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Scarlet Tie continues the genealogy of Abraham’s descendants, tracing the inheritance of the promises as they passed from one generation to the next in some surprising ways, ending up with the Hebrew Messiah.

For example, a dead person’s life can be redeemed by having the next of kin impregnate his widow to procreate a descendant. It’s a whole new meaning for the word “redemption’ that is used elsewhere in the bible

Seven Seals, the inheritance of the three promises to Abraham has passed down through the generations to the Hebrew Messiah, who appears in heaven, having been found worthy to open a scroll with seven seals, which might be the title deeds to the earth. He breaks the seals one by one, displaying the history of civilisation, pausing when he gets the sixth seal, which displays the apocalypse - of Day of the Lord 

Daniel was the prophet who had been exiled to Babylon as a prisoner of war. His Jerusalem based colleague, Jeremiah had said the exile would last only seventy years. Daniel made it through the seventy years, but then the fine print was revealed to him. The seventy years was seventy weeks (7 * 7) of years, and they encompassed four great world empires.
There was yet more fine print, involving a GAP between the 69th and 70th week of years
Ezekiel was yet another prophet, exiled in Babylon with Daniel, and he saw a vision of God about to leave the Jerusalem temple and planet earth. He was shown that the Babylonian exile would be an atoning experience for the Jewish people as the prophet Isaiah had foretold

God did not like the way the idolatrous Jews were behaving. He instructed a servant to place a mark on those Jews who grieved at the evil that surrounded them.

Then God commanded that those evil Jews who had not been sealed should die 

Seven Trumpets tells what happens to the Jews who had been marked by the angel whom Ezekiel saw in his vision of God on his throne, before he left the temple, Jerusalem and earth

They join the people from all tribes, tongues and nations who have been redeemed by the Messiah and have passed through atoning tribulation.
Then the seven trumpets announce the Day of the Lord, and we get a Jewish perspective on what happens

Dragon is another view of the history of the world, using the imagery of ancient creation myths that talk about a revolt in heaven, in which the would be usurpers of divine authority are defeated and exiled to planet earth. The leader of the revolt, Lucifer, Satan, the Dragon is not happy and is about to create unholy havoc

Beasts explains how the Dragon goes about corrupting mankind. He offers power to those who do his evil will. It is as if a beast has been created that gives his power and authority to men who do his will.
To get the rest of the population to accept this state of affairs, he appoints another beast, call it organised religion, to convince everyone that they should not grieve at the evil that surrounds them 

Seven Bowls is a view of the Day of the Lord from a non-Jewish (gentile) perspective.
It depicts the Tribulation of Israel, when it seems that the nations of the earth will destroy Jerusalem. When all seems lost, the Messiah comes and rescues the Jews, then takes his place upon the throne of David

Babylon, the aftermath of the Day of the Lord, when the Messiah has conquered the nations that threatened to destroy Israel.
The two beasts that together ruled the world, commerce and religion, are vanquished, and those that followed them mourn their passing

Endings depicts the aftermath of the Day of the Lord, when the Messiah rules the world from David’s throne in Jerusalem.
He rules for a millennium, but then the forces of evil mount another revolt, only to be put down yet again. They are consigned to the Lake of Fire
And then the old earth and heaven pass away, to be replaced by a new heaven and a new earth

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