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“The book of Revelation is a mess. Nobody knows how to read that” - The physically blind but spiritually insightful Dean Galloway from Dan Brown’s “Lost Symbol” page 314. 
Even if you could work your way through the poetic and very confusing imagery used in the book of Revelation, it would not help you to work out how the world will end
Jesus said that no human (including himself) knew when the world would end.
So if you do not know when the world is about to end, even a really good knowledge of the description in the book Revelation of the events that accompany its last days would not help you confirm that you were actually experiencing the end of the world, as we know it.
So why try to understand what the book of Revelation tells us?
“Darkness feeds on apathy ... conviction is our most potent antidote. Study the bible ... especially the final pages ... the book of Revelation is a vibrant example of our shared truth. The last book of the bible tells the identical story as countless other traditions. They all predict the coming unveiling of great wisdom. (Apocalypse which can be translated as unveiling or revelation) The apocalypse is not the end of the world, but rather the end of the world as we know it. The prophecy of the apocalypse is just one of the bible’s beautiful messages that has been distorted.” – Peter Solomon – the wise but suffering father who glimpses the meaning of redemption in Dan Brown’s “Lost Symbol” – page 410
Maybe the book of Revelation is making a case for the unlikely proposition that good has already triumphed over evil!
Even though it seems that evil is more powerful than righteousness, that is just an illusion. In fact evil is the decomposing carcass of the father of lies, which still has a way of fooling people into thinking it is desirable, before infecting and killing them. 
Maybe that is what the idea of redemption is all about. It is not just the idea that you can do anything you want, as long as you tell someone in the church that you are sorry about the problems your actions have caused. It is not just about love, mercy, forgiveness.
But the book of Revelation is not just about redemption.
It is also about atonement. It is also about the consequences of men’s actions. It is about justice, truth, the law. And it is also about how people react to the bad things that happen to them. The slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune can make you nasty, bitter and hateful. But if you react to them in a positive manner they can make you better, more hopeful, more accepting. It is your choice. That can be summed up as atonement. 
The book of Revelation deals with the twin ideas of redemption and atonement. You might even argue that where these two abstract concepts intersect – there you have a definition of God.
So read on for an explanation of the songs that make up my White-fella Dreaming about the book of Revelation.
If you are wondering why the CD and book are called White-fella Dreaming, you will have to go to www.peterhenderson.com.au and read the full version. I made this ‘lite’ version for people who wanted to discover the music and get an idea of what it was all about first.
Happy listening and reading...
White-fella dreaming is a collection of songs, videos, and explanations of what is going on in the book of Revelation 

I suggest that the book of Revelation is about

the conjunction of two different ideas:

REDEMPTION (good has already triumphed over evil)

(it is the way you react to the bad experiences of life that makes you the person you really are.
If you react positively in trying to adapt to problems and injuries, they will act like a refining fire that purifies the precious silver and gold of your spirit
If you react negatively, they will destroy the innate innocence into which you were born and burn up the dross of you human spirit)

The book of Revelation describes what happens when these two different ideas - REDEMPTION & ATONEMENT - intersect.
At that point, you have a definition of what people mean when they talk about GOD

the book of Revelation may well describe what happens when the world as we know it ends

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