Abraham: please explain

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Who’s that fighting in the Holy Land?
Must be the children of Abraham

He lived down the road from Babylon
Til Jah said He didn’t like what was going on
Said leave your idols get out of this place
Take a trip down to Canaan I’ll meet you face to face

Give you children, land, posterity
You can raise a tribe between the river and the sea 

Who’s that yonder dressed in white
Must be the children of the Israelite 
Israelites, that’s Jacob’s tribe
The offspring of the children of the sons he sired.

Called himself Jacob til he picked a fight
With an angel of the lord they strove all night
Changed his name in the morning sun
“He who strove with JaH and very nearly won”

Jacob’s son Judah he found a bride
For his wayward son who then up and died
Said he’d fix her up with a brother in law
Sent her away and thought about her more
She fooled old Judah dressed up as a whore
They slept together and two sons she bore
This Canaanite’s righteous, old Judah swore
And he raised his sons with his daughter in law

1.1 The bible: a book by Jews, for Jews, about Jews

1.2 God told Abraham to go to Canaan, where he would be given land and offspring who would bless the earth

1.3 Abraham:Father of ALL who exercise FAITH, but who is it that exercises FAITH?

1.4 Abraham-Moses-David:all righteous men of faith, who never heard of Jesus

1.5 Abraham -> Isaac -> Jacob & Esau

1.6 Judah passes on the inherited promises