Seven Trumpets: please explain

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When the Lamb, the 7th seal had broken
And from each of Jacob’s tribes 12,000 chosen
They were sealed with redemption’s holy token
It was the time of which the prophets all had spoken

And its one for the hail of fire that bleeds

Two for the mountain hurled down into the sea

Three for Lucifer in the rivers made grim

Four for the sun, moon and stars now dim

Five for the locusts with the sting in their tail
And the unsealed souls they do assail

Six for the army of the damned
To be wiped away by a mighty hand

Then the redeemed of every tribe and nation
Raised their voices in songs of jubilation
Having passed through their own tribulation
Joined the lamb and his bride in celebration

6.0  Seven Trumpets: the Apocalyptic Fireworks begin

6.1 Seven Trumpets - Moses’ Plagues of Egypt?

6.2 Burning Hail, Mountain in Sea, Lucifer in River

6.3 The Great Tribulation of Israel