Scarlet Tie: Procreating Judah’s Heir

Judah provides another exposition of the meaning of the word REDEMPTION.

Judah’s son married but died before he could produce an heir. So Judah told Onan, his second son, to produce a ‘de-facto’ heir for his first born son, by impregnating his widow.

Had he done so, he would have redeemed the life of his deceased brother by producing a child and heir that would carry on his father’s name and blood line.

When he reneged on this duty, God struck him dead.

Judah says to Onan, take your brother’s widowed wife
Raise some offspring to his memory and so redeem his life
Onan, no redeemer he, spilt his seed upon the ground

Poor chaste widow, Tamar, no kin – redeemer found.

Onan Refuses to Redeem his Dead Brother’s Life