Dragon: please explain

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A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven’s vaulted hall
A twelve crowned woman clothed in sun, the moon within her thrall
Cried out in pain, and laboured long, a son-child she did bear
The dragon, crouching at her feet, that child to rend and tear

The dragon flicked his tail and swept one third of all the stars
From lofty vault to abyss deep, to weep and tend their scars
These fallen angels there did watch their dragon master’s plight
As earthwards he ejected too, no match for Michal’s might

The infant child, he safe refuge found, for half of seven years
Transported there on eagle’s wings, while Satan crouched in fear
His span cut short, his reign curtailed by him he would destroy
Spewed forth a mighty torrent there to sweep away that boy

The earth it swallowed up that flood, restored that desert place
The dragon, now the more enraged, sought to destroy that race
That race of men who virtue seek in grace and righteous fear
Seek out the truth, all error spurn, and to their God, draw near

7.0 Dragon=Evil, Mother=Israel, Child=Messiah

7.1 Dragon: recapitulation of the story of Revelation