Beast: please explain

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8.0 Big Business=Beast One: Church=Beast Two

8.1 Dragon -> Money=Power -> Rulers = Beast #1

8.2 Religion=Power Over People = Beast #2

Dragon took the sons of Eve, 
In their crippled minds a monster did conceive
Seven heads, ten horns each a king has his day
Three of gold, silver, bronze, the other iron mixed with clay

Another horn rose different, but like unto the rest
The power of the first three kings it did divest
Their gold silver bronze it did digest
Then went off to rape the earth and all who suckle at her breast

The dragon his authority bestowed upon the beast
Men gathered round, upon that power to feast
With profanities and blasphemies ill concealed
Made war on them whom Jah with grace and truth had sealed
Did trespass make on Zion’s holy mount
Abomination there, a desecrating fount
Pollute the place where men did once atone
Of all that would expel them from Jah and his holy throne

Another sacrilege emerged from tainted earth
A sycophantic acolyte, assistant to the first
In guise of Lamb did praise his commerce foul
Did sanctify perversity all dressed in robe and cowl
With dragon’s words, he wrought unholy fire
An image of the beast men to inspire
The dragon gave that image monstrous speech
And all that would not worship it their power he did impeach

The beast gathered to him the minds he had remade
The rich the poor, the free man and the slave
Sealed them head and hand, three sixes there he laid
And them that would not bear that mark could neither work nor trade
Going on half of seven years
With vile words instilled his bitter fear
And them that bore Jah’s seal upon their heads
He rearranged their times and laws and left them all for dead