Beast: please explain

John finishes the allegory of Satan, (the Dragon) failing to destroy Israel, (the mother giving birth to a son - the messiah) in Revelation chapter 12 with the unceremonious exclusion of Satan from heaven. He is exiled to planet earth, and he is not happy. 

John launches into the next chapter with the dragon standing on 
the shore of the sea on planet earth. 

He will unleash twin beasts to do his will. 

One from the sea. 

One from the land. 

John then resorts to a very clever explanation of the way human civilisation always seems to self-destruct. 

He uses the idea of duality – the co-existence of righteous and evil tendencies within human beings. 

He resorts to the age-old idea of some external force of evil corrupting the innate innocence of humans.
He looks at this process on two levels. 
The first is the way in which individual humans are attracted to the trappings of power. 
The second is the allure of those human organisations that exercise such power hold for individual human beings who don’t.

He works with that old adage, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
Why that should be the case is a conundrum. 

Human organisations can and do produce such wonderful benefits for mankind. Think cooperatives to harvest and sell surplus crops, thereby ensuring that no one need be hungry.
But then they also produce evil.  Think states and lesser entities waging war on each other.
In the bible, the number ‘7’ is associated with completeness – perfection – God. 
So a short cut way of depicting this flaw in potentially perfect human institutions might be to associate them with the number ‘6’. 
In other words, pretty close to perfection, but somehow not quite getting there. 

If you wished to make that point with more emphasis, you might repeat the number three times...
777 symbolises completeness – perfection – God.
666 symbolises a slightly flawed conception of completeness. Nearly perfect, but not quite. Just lacking in some important detail and falling short of the glory of God. Perhaps aiming for the stars and falling into Tartarus.
See where we are headed with this number symbolism? 


                                      If not, you will soon...

Perhaps Dante had it right. Perhaps the problems emerge when humans seek to use their organisations to trap and hold that ephemeral and flighty lady, Fortuna (Inferno Canto 7)...

The heavens creating, gave them ruling powers
To guide them, so that each part shines to each,
Their light in equal distribution pour'd.
By similar appointment he ordain'd
Over the world's bright images to rule.
Superintendence of a guiding hand
And general minister, which at due time
May change the empty vantages of life
From race to race, from one to other's blood,

Mere men will never be able to imprison 
FORTUNE, the guiding hand, the general minister,
which at any time May change the empty vantages of life ... from one person to another
Good fortune can not be held captive in receptacles of men’s own design. It seems to me that to try to do so is an exercise in idolatry, and we all know what God thinks about idolatry. 
Beyond prevention of man's wisest care:
Wherefore one nation rises into sway,
Another languishes, e'en as her will
Decrees, from us conceal'd, as in the grass
The serpent train.  Against her nought avails
Your utmost wisdom.  She with foresight plans,
Judges, and carries on her reign, as theirs
The other powers divine.  Her changes know
Nore intermission:  by necessity
She is made swift, so frequent come who claim
Succession in her favours.  This is she,
So execrated e'en by those, whose debt
To her is rather praise; they wrongfully
With blame requite her, and with evil word;
But she is blessed, and for that recks not:
Amidst the other primal beings glad

Good fortune leaves anyone lucky enough to tarry with her for a short while. The lucky man will have to proceed on his way without her..
Rolls on her sphere, and in her bliss exults.
Now on our way pass we, to heavier woe

Dragon took the sons of Eve, 
In their crippled minds a monster did conceive
Seven heads, ten horns each a king has his day
Three of gold, silver, bronze, the other iron mixed with clay

Another horn rose different, but like unto the rest
The power of the first three kings it did divest
Their gold silver bronze it did digest
Then went off to rape the earth and all who suckle at her breast

The dragon his authority bestowed upon the beast
Men gathered round, upon that power to feast
With profanities and blasphemies ill concealed
Made war on them whom Jah with grace and truth had sealed
Did trespass make on Zion’s holy mount
Abomination there, a desecrating fount
Pollute the place where men did once atone
Of all that would expel them from Jah and his holy throne

Another sacrilege emerged from tainted earth
A sycophantic acolyte, assistant to the first
In guise of Lamb did praise his commerce foul
Did sanctify perversity all dressed in robe and cowl
With dragon’s words, he wrought unholy fire
An image of the beast men to inspire
The dragon gave that image monstrous speech
And all that would not worship it their power he did impeach

The beast gathered to him the minds he had remade
The rich the poor, the free man and the slave
Sealed them head and hand, three sixes there he laid
And them that would not bear that mark could neither work nor trade
Going on half of seven years
With vile words instilled his bitter fear
And them that bore Jah’s seal upon their heads
He rearranged their times and laws and left them all for dead

Big Business=Beast One: Church=Beast Two